When working in customer’s homes we are abiding with all Government Guidance.

Boiler Installations

RS Heating and Building Co are installers of Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and Glow Worm boiler systems
Worcester Bosch Group

RS Heating and Building Co can provide a skilled plumber, heating engineer and electrician for the installation of your next boiler system.

RS Heating and Building are registered installers of Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and Glow Worm equipment, allowing us to offer a full 7 year warranty on Vaillant, an excellent 8 year warranty on Worcester boilers (with filter), and 5 years on Glow Worm boilers.

RS Heating and Building are registered installers of Vaillant equipment
RS Heating and Building are registered installers of Worcester Bosch equipment
RS Heating and Building are registered installers of Glow Worm equipment

For further information about any of the Vaillant, Worcester Bosch or Glow Worm ranges, call us:

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Why choose a Worcester, Vaillant or GlowWorm Accredited Installer?

These are factory trained installers who have specialised in these Manufacturers.

Different boiler installations may not exactly be the same, but our experienced heating engineers can offer you advice and free quotes as well.


What can Accredited Installers offer?

Our Accredited installers can offer you the following exclusive benefits:

  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Friendly advice and support for your boiler needs
  • Proper installation, excellent boiler repair work and other boiler services
  • Peace of mind knowing that your installer is Gas Safe registered


Schedule an appointment with a Heating Adviser

Talk to one of our Heating Advisers, provide them the time and date when you want them to perform a detailed assessment of your home.

Furthermore, a Heating Adviser can explain to you about your different options, provide you with a fixed price quote and your payment options.


Boiler Installation

A definite installation date will be given and adhered to.

We assure you that there will be no last minute “van broken down” excuse!

On completion, the engineer will give you a clear and complete explanation about everything that you need to know when it comes to the proper use of your new boiler and controls.

The engineer and the rest of the team will dispose of all waste and keep your home clean before they leave.


Aftercare Services 

We offer you aftercare for a year on all the new parts, the labour involved is guaranteed for 2 years.

Subsequently, the appropriate Manufacturer\’s guarantee will apply. Please ring 0114 236 4421.


How soon can I get a boiler installed?

As soon as you confirm to get your boiler installed, your Heating Adviser will arrange everything for you. At all times, you are kept aware of the start and finish dates.


Will I have heat and hot water while my boiler is being installed? 

You may not be able to have heat and hot water overnight if the boiler installation will take more than a day.

It’s good to prepare yourself and give it some time, although the heating engineer will aim to complete this task the soonest possible.

Temporary electric convector heaters will be provided on request.

Helpful Guide

The products that are now on offer are highly efficient and can be very complicated. The following is a layman’s guide to a few general terms:


This is a High Efficiency boiler which re-utilises the exhaust gases which normally would be wasted. They have been compulsory in England since June 2006. A condensing boiler is just the burner part and may be a Combination or Regular type.


This is a self contained unit which heats the hot water instantaneously thus negating the need for cylinders, cold water supply or expansion tanks, separate pump or complicated controls.


This is a traditional type of unit which uses a cylinder to store water and usually has a cold water supply tank, expansion tank, separate pump and motorised valves to operate the controls.


This is a Regular type of boiler but has an expansion vessel within it, thus deleting the expansion tank in the loft. It also houses it’s own pump.


All gas boilers now have fan assisted flues which bring air in from the outside and take the fumes directly to the atmosphere.

Modern condensing boilers have far less harmful NOX particles and are much cooler. This gives the effect that the flue is steaming but it is actually mainly water vapour which is seen.


A pressurised cylinder removes the need for a cold water supply tank and work on mains pressure, thus giving excellent water pressure, throughout the house, including Attics. They are usually made of stainless steel for longevity, highly efficient and heavily insulated so once heated the water may be switched off for long periods.

Some popular makes are Oso, Megaflow and Saturn but there are many more.


Until 1975 most radiators were just two flat pieces of steel, welded together with water channels between them. They were usually gun metal grey primer and had to be painted!

The first modernisation that I can remember was the Myson Supastyle which had convector fins welded to the back. This gave a heat out-put rise of 30% in a single and 50% in a double. They were in a good quality white primer and modern design. Today’s radiators are made to whatever the designers imagination can take them.

Myson have also been leaders of fan convectors which have water running though them but the heat is blown out by fans, thus allowing a large amount heat from a small area. Smiths fans follow the same idea and have some interesting products.

Boiler Installations