When working in customer’s homes we are abiding with all Government Guidance.

Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered

Having been Established since 1971, we have an accumulated knowledge of the majority of central heating systems.

Our heating engineers are not only Gas Safe registered but regularly attend various Manufacturers training courses.

They also operate with the latest electronic testing devices for the modern boilers but “Senior” staff are available for the quirky ageing unit.

If you are having problems or simply require an annual service, please ring Roger on 0114 236 4421 to arrange a prompt, friendly and efficient call out.

Landlord Gas Certificates

All rented property must have any gas appliance checked on an annual basis. A certificate will then be issued with copies to the tenant, landlord and the examiner.

All examiners must be approved by the Gas Safe Register.

For more information please visit : Gas Safe Register at www.GasSafeRegister.co.uk

We issue gas certificates for landlords on request

Why is it important to have an annual boiler service?

To make sure that your boiler stays in good working order, we recommend that your boiler is serviced annually.

This essential maintenance not only ensures the efficient operation but can detect defects which if left unchecked could lead to a dangerous situation and obviously put your health at risk.

If your boiler is not serviced regularly, this can have a higher risk of having major problems, such as a carbon monoxide leak.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colourless, scentless and tasteless.

So it’s not easy to determine if any of your heating devices has started leaking.

Boiler servicing should always be carried out only by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

This indicates that they are qualified to safely perform work on your appliance.

Please visit the Gas Safe Register website for more information.

Not only is annual boiler servicing an important part of maintenance; it is also a condition of the boiler warranty.

It is necessary to ensure that the Manufacturer’s Log book (supplied on installation) is completed on each visit.

What are the things that are needed to be done during a boiler service?

Important steps for a heating engineer to take during a boiler service:

Step 1: Protect your home.

While performing the boiler service, the heating engineer will cover the work area with protective sheeting to prevent any damages in your home.

Step 2: Perform a visual check.

Before starting the service, the heating engineer needs to check first if the boiler, pipework and the flue are properly installed.

Both the external and the main components inside the boiler will be checked.

The engineer will also observe if the boiler operates properly and if there are no unsafe emissions released.

Step 3: Find out if the boiler is safe and efficient.

It’s important for the heating engineer to remove the casing of the boiler in order to inspect its internal components, which include the burner, the heat exchanger and the spark electrode.