When working in customer’s homes we are abiding with all Government Guidance.

Wet rooms and bathrooms


The interest in “Wet Rooms” being fitted in domestic homes is a relatively new innovation but is certainly not a new concept.

The idea originated in the necessity to provide easy access, both with wheel chairs and other mobility aids, to a comfortable and dignified bathing area.

All Bathrooms can be converted to this method which offers freedom from the constriction of the normal shower cubicle.

However care must be taken in their construction. The drainage is extremely important and has to be specifically made, usually using an “Impey” system which channels the waste water away from the remainder of the floor. On a wooden floor this is straight forward but with a solid floor the drainage has to be chopped into the concrete and a sensor operated suction pump employed.

Once the foundation has been correctly constructed the “pretty bits” can follow with the walls either being fully tiled or “shower wet wall” boards being fitted. The latter offer a new spectrum of effects and colours.

The floor can again be interesting with either a bewildering array of tiles to choose from or non slip vinyl cushion floors. Of course electric Underfloor heating is very pleasant, especially with a tiled floor.

The advent of wet rooms is to be seen as an addition to the choice of bathing options and is sometimes not practical, for example, if it is not possible to keep the spray from the surrounding vanity units, wc etc. In this instance a look at the Galaxy of shower cubicle options is often eye opening. Manufactures similar to Lakes or Mira are worthy of an inspection.

In the choice of showers themselves, the range is tremendous, be it pumped, mains pressure from a combination boiler or electric and advice must be sought. The makes of Mira, Triton, Trevi, Grohe are but a few to be looked at. A new “kid on the block” is the appearance showers which can be operated by remote control. This means that showers can be started at, and set at the correct temperature for each member of the family without having to reach in and get your arm wet. Aren’t we getting spoilt ?

The traditional bath is no longer a standard item and now come in shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements. If a separate shower stall or wet room is not possible, “shower baths” are a possible compromise. They are shaped broader at the shower end to allow standing are can be made lower for easier access.

The fitting of a bathroom is a very personal undertaking. Fortunately at RS heating and Building Co. we have over 40 years of experience and cater for the entire project from the designing, the dirty stripping out, plumbing, tiling, electrics, joinery, tiling, plastering, floor covering and all important removal of rubbish.

An important aspect is that anything relating to sanitation comes under Building Regulations part H and must be notified. As members of the Governments Competent Persons Scheme this aspect is also taken care of.

We trust that the above is of interest but suggest that the best way is to seek professional advice, only deal with firms that can deal with all sections of the work so that continuity is maintained with no “buck passing” and that it is properly certified.

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