Emergency Work Only

During the coronavirus crisis, in the interests of public health, we’re concentrating on breakdowns,
boiler replacements, and essential repair work only. Call us on 0114 236 4421.

All visits will be carried out in accordance with Government guidance instructions.


Water Regulations

New regulations are being brought into force which are effecting the way we use water and at what temperatures.

As this is a massive subject, we suggest that the following web site is inspected : www.opsi.gov.uk


Gas Safe Register

RS Heating and Building is Gas Safe RegisteredThe H S E replaced the original CORGI organisation with Gas Safe Register.

Any person dealing with a gas appliance must be regstered for that unit.

For further details and a list of registered operatives, please see www.GasSafeRegister.co.uk

At RS Heating and Building Co. we strive to constantly to maintain all the numerous regulations which are designed to protect the customer, provide satisfactory work at recognised high standards and ease the transfer of the House when sold.

For a further insight into this complex world, please call Roger on 0114 236 4421